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Home modification is one of the most important factors of aging in place. For a senior home to be livable for the long-term, certain alterations need to be made in order for the senior occupant to live comfortably, and more importantly: safely. Modifications within the home include bathtub alterations, shower chairs or railings, toilet frames, chair lifts, modifications for wheelchair and walker accessibility, and more.  The experts at Install Don’t Fall know what it takes to make a residence “senior safe” and we are willing to help you achieve this status for the elderly loved one in your life.Install Don’t Fall was established in 2003. We are family owned and operated. Our goal from our first day in business was to help the elderly and those in Central Florida with mobility challenges lead a safe, independent lifestyle.  We are your one-stop company for all of your home and bath safety needs. Customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority and we will work with you to to ensure your satisfaction.Please contact us if we can help you with your safety and accessibility needs.

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